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Our 3D Printer – The view from twitter…

Last weekend (29th/30th September 2012), a crack team from Derby Makers were dispatched to do battle at the GIST Foundation in Sheffield.

Their mission, to build a 3D printer against the clock and against other teams from around the Midlands.

OK, the crack team was composed of a bunch from Derby Makers who happened to be a) breathing, b) in the Silk Mill when asked and c) free on the weekend.

But it was a competition, arranged as part of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind – Build the just released Mendel 90 RepRap 3D printer in two days against other groups in the friendly GIST Lab in Sheffield.

This article is a copy of my Twitter feed from the weekend – A (hopefully) more sensible write up of the weekend to follow shortly…




Well, that’s the day job over for another week.This weekends fun is in Sheffield building a 3D printer with <a href=>@FestivalMind</a> &amp; <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a>



It’s Saturday…It’s early…#Bleeeeeeeuuuugggghhhhh

Lovely derby morn…


Made it to Sheffield! <a href=>@FestivalMind</a> <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a>



This is what we’re here to build – 3D printer <a href=>@FestivalMind</a> <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a>


Parts are arriving on our table…<a href=>@FestivalMind</a> <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a>


More 3d printer parts arriving…<a href=>@FestivalMind</a> <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a>


Inside GIST for the 3d printer build <a href=>@FestivalMind</a> <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a>


Kick off meeting for the 3d printer #fotmGist


Team introductions #fotmgist


Assembly begins!#fotmgist <a href=>@FestivalMind</a> <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a>


One motor assembly coming together…#fotmgist


There’s something nasty in our 3d printer! #fotmgist <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a>


Lunch break – this is what we’ve got!#fotmgist <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a>


Our nearly finished 3d printer #fotmgist <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a> <a href=>@FestivalMind</a>


It’s switched on!And there’s no burning smell…#fotmgist <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a>


Yeah! Another team has green goo! #fotmgist


End of day one – two machines are extruding!#fotmgist


Post 3d printer building drink in sunny Sheffield #fotmgist




Some snaps from day 1 of the 3D printer build in Sheffield’s GIST Foundation #fotmgist


Up and ready for day two in Sheffield. Hopefully, I won’t nod off in the lab…#fotm


Day two dawn in the GIST lab… Busy busy busy! #fotmgist


Our first 3d print! Who’ll start the bidding for the extraordinary piece of modern art?#fotmgist #DoIHear1Million?


Much tweaking going on…#fotmgist


And we’re printing!#fotmgist


The final product!#fotmgist <a href=>@FestivalMind</a> <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a>


I believe the term is ‘lol android’ #fotmgist


Hmmmmm. Pizza.Lunchtime!#fotmgist


The crowd at work, even though there’s pizza in the building…#fotmgist


Our second (recognisable) printed object <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a> #fotmgist


And they’re coming out of the 3d printer at a rate of knots now :-)#fotmgist


A scale model of the <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a> plan for the Derby Space Elevator #fotmgist



We swapped the glass plate for another one and had two failures. Now back with the original plate…#fotmgist


Talk time :-)#fotmgist


Yeah!<a href=>@DerbyMakers</a> take the Golden Spanner! #fotmgist


Our Golden Spanner!<a href=>@DerbyMakers</a> #fotmgist <a href=>@FestivalMind</a>


Caution. Droid at work…#fotmgist


Our final product!<a href=>@DerbyMakers</a> <a href=>@FestivalMind</a> #fotmgist


A huge thank you from <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a> to all involved with <a href=>@gistwire</a> and <a href=>@FestivalMind</a> We had a fantastic 3d printer weekend!


Pictures from Sundays 3D printer fun have now been added…#FOTMGIST <a href=>@derbymakers</a> <a href=>@gistwire</a> <a href=>@FestivalMind</a>



Thanks to Graeme for this wonderful timelapse of a 3D printer doing its thing earlier today. #FOTMGIST <a href=>@DerbyMakers</a>

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