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Using our 3D Printer

In case you want to set up your computer for driving the 3D printer, you will need some of the software below…

For drawing an object you can use Sketchup which is free – download it here:-
For the .stl file part there are two plugins you need – one for import and one for export.  Again Google is your friend, but for import I went here:-
and export here-
There seems to be some discussion about which plugins really work for these so also try finding others and testing them.
After that you need Skeinforge to slice the stl file in to a g-code file.  Go here:-
and download the latest version.  Then you’ll want the config file that we are using – .zip attached.  It needs to go in C:\users\your user name\.skeingforge  (note the ‘.’ at the beginning of the folder name).
That’s all you need directly, but if you want to use your laptop to drive the printer then you’ll need Pronterface, along with all the python programs to drive it.  These can be downloaded from here:-
If you scroll down the page a bit you’ll see the links to the actual downloads and how to install them.
Any questions drop me a note.

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