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Blog 25th February 2018. Our next meeting is on Thursday 1st March.

Over the last couple of weeks we seem to have moved from a maybe project to one that may well happen – fingers crossed

We have:-

  1. Had a demonstration of a working Raspberry Pi with a LoraWan receiver so that we can track balloon flights within radio range and feed that information to the HAB tracker website at The Radio Museum will arrange the unit to be installed at commercial mast at Drum Hill just north of Derby once the commercial tenants have agreed to the short service outage needed to carry out this work safely.
  2. A project plan has been drawn up so that everyone knows what’s needed when & not just me!
  3. We’ve asked a contact to loan us a Raspi/PITS board so we can use it to test the tracker.
  4. Funding. It’s looking possible that we have found an organisation willing to fund this project. We’ll know more one our application has been submitted….
  5. If you want to read up on HAB’s see and the UK High Altitude Society webpages. A mine of useful information
  6. If you’re coming to the meeting this Thursday, please book in via the Eventbrite page, thanks.


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