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Laser Cutting Electronics Box Panel

The electronics box has been drawn in a 3D modelling package. The objective is to produce a 2D drawing of the panel outline together with the cutouts. It is difficult to position the panel in the correct place on the cutter bed so that the apertures are cut in the right place and are correctly aligned with the panel outline.

The cut file read in to the cutter has two layers. The first layer is the outline, and the second is the aperture that we want to cut. The first step is to place a piece of car on to the cutter bed and mark the outline layer on to the card. The second step is to place the blank panel on to the card and run the cut file again to cut the outline.

This photo is of the outline plotted on to the card.

This is a photo of the panel placed on to the card outline and after the apertures have been cut.

This is a photo of the finished panel with the display and keypad fitted.

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