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Initial experiences with Snap4Arduino

After initial experiences with Scratch with Code Club we were interested in ways to connect it to the outside world. The SilkMill have some arduino based robots, and there was talk of getting a MeArm, so was there a way… Continue Reading →

Knitting Machine

We now have a Knitting Machine! Thanks to the generosity of a Derby Freegler we now have the use of a knitting machine. I’ve tucked it away in the Silk Mill until we find a proper home for it. It’s… Continue Reading →

Cutter/Plotter Instructions

What does it do? Cuts out shapes from rolls of sticky back plastic. Draws on rolls of plastic or paper (or fabric?) with pens. How do I use it? Create what you want in your preferred vector drawing package. InkScape… Continue Reading →

vCarve and CNC Router Instructions

What does it do? It cuts or carves sheet materials to high accuracy according to a program How do I use it? The short version: Design the parts using a 2D or 3D design package, depending on preference and requirements…. Continue Reading →


Background The idea for the Ropemaker wasn’t mine, I saw one that someone else had made at a Cub Scout event I was supporting with Rolls-Royce. I was impressed with how well everyone (adults as well as children) was engaging… Continue Reading →

Our RepRap Mendel 90

I’ll try and flesh this out as we go along, but here’s the story of our 3D printer and how to get started if you want to use it. The printer is a RepRap Mendel 90 designed by Nophead. The… Continue Reading →

Our 3D Printer – The view from twitter…

Last weekend (29th/30th September 2012), a crack team from Derby Makers were dispatched to do battle at the GIST Foundation in Sheffield. Their mission, to build a 3D printer against the clock and against other teams from around the Midlands…. Continue Reading →

Using our 3D Printer

In case you want to set up your computer for driving the 3D printer, you will need some of the software below… For drawing an object you can use Sketchup which is free – download it here:- For the… Continue Reading →

Drinks Can Stirling Engine (Tutorial)

Hey everyone! After this weekend’s workshops we were left with a surplus of beer cans to play with.I believe it was Glyn or Amanda who suggested using them to create an ultra-efficient little mechanism called a ‘Stirling Engine’ (named after… Continue Reading →