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Display Cabinet

I thought I’d finally get around to making a post and uploading some photo’s about the display cabinet we’ve recently (and finally!) finished. So how did this all start…. Problem: Derby Makers would like some space for storing projects at… Continue Reading →

Software for Makers

One question that often comes up when people are looking at the machines is ‘What software do I use with this?’ I hope this gives a quick introduction. We’ll stick to free software where possible. By machine type 2D Machines… Continue Reading →

Bike Bag Mini-Hack

Bike Bag Mini-Hack!   Hi everyone! Just a quick one. I’m a perennial cyclist so I decided a while back to invest in a little bike bag, the kind that goes over the pannier rack, just for some extra storage…. Continue Reading →

needle felting from local wool

You may have seen me last week at the Silk Mill stabbing wool on a sponge with a needle. No, I’m not crazy. I was doing needle felting! Needle felting is one method of  felting wool fibers (the other method… Continue Reading →

Parametric Box-making

This is quick article about the principle of parametric design, and how I used it to make a simple box-making website.  In the future I will write more about how the website works, the code that is used to make… Continue Reading →

Initial experiences with Snap4Arduino

After initial experiences with Scratch with Code Club we were interested in ways to connect it to the outside world. The SilkMill have some arduino based robots, and there was talk of getting a MeArm, so was there a way… Continue Reading →

MEV Rocket Kit Car (updated 25-November-17)

By : Mark Hancox (aka “optimisticmark”) My main project is building a Sports Car, an MEV Rocket. This is a kit car manufactured by Road Track Race in Nottingham (MEV in Mansfield were the original designers, so very much an… Continue Reading →

Knitting Machine

We now have a Knitting Machine! Thanks to the generosity of a Derby Freegler we now have the use of a knitting machine. I’ve tucked it away in the Silk Mill until we find a proper home for it. It’s… Continue Reading →

Cutter/Plotter Instructions

What does it do? Cuts out shapes from rolls of sticky back plastic. Draws on rolls of plastic or paper (or fabric?) with pens. How do I use it? Create what you want in your preferred vector drawing package. InkScape… Continue Reading →

vCarve and CNC Router Instructions

What does it do? It cuts or carves sheet materials to high accuracy according to a program How do I use it? The short version: Design the parts using a 2D or 3D design package, depending on preference and requirements…. Continue Reading →