Derby Makers

The heart of Derby's Maker community

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If you already are familiar with what to expect at a Hack/Maker space and are wanting to join, then please join our Google Group Forum, introduce yourself and request an invitation to our Derby Makers night on Wednesday evening. Derby Makers are required to complete our membership form and the Derby Museums volunteering form. As a part of our residency at the Silk Mill, Derby Makers members are expected to occasionally volunteer by making things for the Silk Mill and supporting events. The volunteering form is also important for insurance reasons. Take a look at our constitution here.

If you are not entire sure of what to expect at Derby Makers and whether or not you would like to join, then please visit the Silk Mill on the Thursday Open Make evening between 6pm and 9pm. Derby Makers support the Open Make evening (likely to be wearing an orange hi-vis Derby Makers vest) and are available to give you a tour and introduction to the space and what to expect at Derby Makers.

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