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Jonathan Lane

Jonathan LaneMy interest in Derby Makers started with some time I spent in the US, where I started reading Make Magazine, finding out about the Maker Faire and hackspaces in general.  I returned to Derby in July 2011 and discovered the Silk Mill was investigating the local maker community.  I went along to the inaugural meeting of Derby Makers in September 2011 and have been going ever since.

I’ve been interested in making since I was very little, although in those days it was more about taking things apart to see how they worked rather than making.  Unfortunately as I tended to take things apart with a hammer putting them back together again wasn’t really an option.  My brother has never forgiven me.

Nowadays my interests are centred on woodwork with some dabbling in electronics.  Woodwork has ranged from classic wooden toys through to simple furniture with a few decorative pieces thrown in for good measure.  I’ve also experimented with integrating alternative materials like resin mixed with metal powder, which was very messy but good fun.  Electronics is mostly simple kits and occasional simple circuits, but to be honest I don’t really understand it.

Outside of Derby Makers I’m married with two kids – both boys who so far seem to have picked up the maker’s gene.  I’m an engineer and work at Rolls-Royce.

Some things I’ve made…

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