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Mark Hancox

I’ve been a professional engineer my whole career, but always doing design and analysis (for helicopters, F1 cars, jet engines, road cars, and back to jet engines again) rather than actually making things. Derby Makers has helped me to develop the confidence to get on and make stuff – and to accept that sometimes things will go wrong!

My current major project is building a kit car (see under “Maker Projects”). This has been 8 years in progress so far and is still some way from completion. But it is very satisfying to see the parts I’ve already made and how they fit into the bigger project.

I also built the (in)famous Ropemaking machine, which is always popular at Silk Mill events including the Mini Maker Faires.

I’ve been DM treasurer in the past, and I’ve recently stood down as DM Secretary after 2 years in post. However I will still continue to be an active member, and I want to see us grow and develop as we bring in more new members.

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