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Morgan Barke


Morgan Barke before his first day at code club 🙂

I am a maker/hacker with a wide variety of skills and interests, from software, to electronics, from furniture to food.

I am particularly interested in CNC routing and Laser cutting, as digital fabrication is one aspect of my profession.

To share my passion of making I volunteer my time and run a after school club at Milford Primary School, as a part of Code Club, every Thursday afternoon so I will be more than likely wearing my green Code Club t-shirt at Derby Makers.

I own a small field with the long term aim to become self sufficient. I currently have bees, sheep, young apple and pear trees.  I like to cook, especially chutneys. You will find my recipe for my current favourite, Pear Chutney (Gujarati Style) on my blog which also features in the Derby Makers Jam & Pickle Book. Maybe you tried some at the tasting session at the 2013 Derby Maker Faire?

I strongly advocate free culture, so don’t be surprised if I try to convince you to publish your designs or code for all to benefit and learn from. I created and maintain website dedicated to free and open source projects on crowd funding platforms.  If you would like to promote your project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, etc, then I would be more than happy to discuss in more detail and share my thoughts.

I regularly put the world to rights, via the Reflective Air Podcast, of which I am co-host. These are raw and honest conversations between to people, as we learn more about one another.

I look forward to see you at Derby Makers. If its your first time there, don’t be afraid to bring your project if you have one…

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