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Thom Smith

I enjoy building things with honest materials that don’t hide where they’ve come from.  The parts of life where art and engineering cross over really interest me, and I constantly remind myself of the need to go crazy and build more things with curves in them.  I curate a small number of links at a twitter handle, and I also dabble with a web page of projects that interest me.

Important things:  Tea, Cake, Sculpture, Technology, Solid wood, Kinetics, Good honest hard work, Live art, Industrial heritage, Chaos and precision, Treehouses. But mostly cake.

Since joining Derby Makers my main projects have been building a web page to parametrically define boxes for the laser cutter, helping to run a bookshelf-building session with Steve to co-incide with the 2015 Derby Book Festival, and building a motorised robot called SID from an electric wheelchair.  Over the coming weeks and months I will put a page up on this site for each of these projects.

I don’t yet know what this year will bring, but I want to do more furniture building, complete a part-finished CNC drawing machine, add some 3d printing tools to my website, and help more people make use of the CNC router at the SilkMill.  I have no doubt Derby Makers will inspire me to get some other stuff done too…

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