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Jeff’s CNC Router

J Saxton CNC router gantryJeff Saxton, one of our members, made a CNC router while we were meeting at the Silk Mill, and showed it at the Mini Maker Faire. Sadly Jeff is no longer with us, but the router was left to us. Due to space constraints it’s currently at another member’s house, but access can be arranged for anyone with a project.

  • Usable cutting area roughly 2ft x 3ft x 4″ (although it could be increased to 6″ if the light was moved)
  • Katsu 101748 router head with 1/4″ collet
  • alternate head mount for pcb drill
  • currently using Mach3 on Windows XP, with a plan to switch to LinuxCNC
  • based on the CNCSidewinder design, but with imperial parts changed to metric equivalents

So far it’s been used with g-code generated by HeeksCNC and FlatCAM, for wooden parts and PCB drilling respectively. FreeCAD’s Path tools look like they should work too.

Router overviewRouted part of drill mountRouted drill mount, assembled

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